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About this guide

This guide is inspired by the mutt-newbie project (which didn't seem to get very far). The rationale for this was that existing guides to mutt, such as the manual, various howtos, the mutt FAQ etc.. are not necessarily geared towards an overview for new users. New users may not grasp how the underlying system works and need some re-orientation, especially if they are migrating from non-UNIX MUAs.

Most of the information here has been extracted from hundreds of posts to the mutt-users list - A useful resource for everyone who uses mutt day-to-day.

Tools used creating this guide

This is really just a test drive and beta test for the MkDoc document management system. This is a mod_perl based web-application for managing public documents. Currently this site is hosted on a linux server running apache with MySQL as a database back-end.

Colourised sections of configuration files have been generated with a modified version of 2html.vim, a vim script that does this automatically.

The 'headlines' on the front page are derived from the Yahoogroups mutt-users rss feed.

Neat stuff

All content in this guide conforms to the W3C's WAI Accessibility Guidelines. Documents are valid XHTML 1.0 and valid CSS.

Documents have printer friendly alternative versions with full lists of references. Simply add .print.html to any document url - This functionality is enabled transparently with modern browsers via link rel="alternate", so you can probably just hit print.

A lot of meta-information for this guide is available for syndication and indexing. Both DCMI RDF Metadata and RSS 1.0 Headlines are continually up-to-date.

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